Using 3D Digital Showings for Greater Effeciency

3D is making waves in Real Estate. Matterport is out doing demos showing their App for the Samsung Gear VR Virtual Reality Headset. You can watch the video to see the reaction but truly you cannot really understand what VR is all bout unless you try it. We are happy to do a Demo in your office if you are interested. However the impact of 3D on real estate is going to be much bigger than simply wowing buyers with cool technology. 3D technology will fundamentally change how you work in real estate. 

Possibly the biggest impact you can see from incorporating 3D capture and 3D Digital showings into your workflow is efficiency. Our technology turn showing number one into showing number two. What I mean by that is that your buyers will have already extensively explored the property online and feel as though they have already been inside the house. They have done this without distributing the listings owner or occupant nor have they yet taken up your valuable time to this point. The result we have seen is fewer physical showings with tire kickers and more digital showings prior to an offer from a buyer. So what are you going to do with your extra time?

Sell more real estate. 3D Digital showings not only facilitate quicker closings with fewer DOM but they power of the content attracts buyers. Given the the ability of the 3D digital showings to draw and hold buyers attention and facilitate faster closings with fewer DOM, your business can become much more efficient with the ability to handle more listings and service more buyers with better and more effective content. Learn more at Architech 3D Imaging.