Why Floor Plans Work for Marketing

Buyers consider floor plans to be important. So important in fact that when buyers are surveyed on what is important to them floor plans are ranked number two only behind photographs (digital showings were not surveyed). In fact 75% of buyers what to see a floor plan prior to seeing a property. Yet floor plans for existing homes are not often seen in the Minnesota marketplace. Why? Well, I would assume it is do to the fact that measuring a property in entirety and then drafting a floor plan is a lot of work! In addition the cost of software to create a good floor plan and the skill to use it well are additional investments that take you away from your core business activities. Having a professional create a floor plan for your listing is always an option but used to be cost prohibitive for many listings. But oh the times they are a changing.

With our 3D Digital Showing and scanning technology we can now use our 3D captured data to rapidly create professional and accurate floor plans for your listings. Not only can you get an incredibly immersive and engaging digital showing but also floor plans that are proven to attract buyers and generate traffic. Use these to step up your print and digital marketing imagery. And if you think this is only for the top tier listings you’re wrong. A digital showing + floor plan package starts at $349 for most homes (3,000 sf and under). I’m note sure you can find more bang for you buck in real estate marketing today. Find out what insiders in the market already know at Architech 3D Imaging and turn over a new leaf with your 2015 listings. You and your sales figures will be glad you did.