VR is Huge at CES 2015

Three things are clear from this years crop of entrants at CES 2015. 4K TV (ho hum). The internet of things and VR (Whoo Hoo!) From the Oculus Rift (facebook) to the Avegant Glyph to the Samsung Gear VR to Google cardboard to Microsoft to Sony’s Project Morpheus to the Ziess VR One its pretty clear that VR has taken hold in nearly all of the big names in technology. 

Why is that? Because “this is the computing platform for the next 30-40 years.”  -Rony Abovitz founder of Magic Leap. Virtual reality and augmented reality will forever change the world. Imagine no screens. Information, data and social interaction will all simply be available in your natural field of view. Never forget a name with facial recognition and augmented reality name tags on everyone you meet. Sign me up please! All this and more is coming. Honestly this feels like the beginning of the internet all over again. There will certainly be some amazing things that will happen in this in the coming years, and I personally can’t wait to see it all. 

One thing all of these platforms will need is 3D content because after all a flat photograph is just that even in virtual reality. CES will play host to several new platforms for capturing 360 degree video almost exclusively for VR like the Giroptic 360. That is also where we come in. That is what we do after all. 3D and VR for real estate. Learn more about what we do here and start the journey into this brave new and amazing world.