Win Listings with 3D Digital Showings

Real estate is a competitive field. That certainly isn’t news. You know its competitive because you live it every day. A tremendous number of people are working extremely hard every day for that next lead, client, lease and listing. So what’s you edge? What are you doing to set yourself apart? The answer is probably a lot. From social media to blogging to networking groups to your marketing efforts that blow your clients away and to bring in the buyers or tenants. You are doing it all! Or are you? Many other agents and brokers are engaged in the same activities with a similar marketing strategy and targeting.  Somebody is probably doing one of the many things that you do better than you are. Don’t despair. We can’t be number one in everything and there are still new frontiers to conquer. 

Opportunity is here! Right now 3D Marketing for real estate is in it’s infancy. Not from the technology standpoint, that is certainly there and you can see it at But from the adoption and implementation standpoint its still very early in the game. Setting your self apart from the competition with 3D marketing is an excellent way to stand out. How many other agents or brokers that you know are doing this right now? Not talking but actually doing it. That is precisely the point. Take a step into the future of real estate marketing. There little to lose and so much to gain. You could after all be setting yourself up to be a 3D marketing expert and reap the rewards of being one of the first in the area to offer 3D Digital Showings as part of property marketing plan. 

Our clients have had great success in winning listings solely on the power of the 3D Digital Showings that we create. In addition early metrics indicate a lower DOM and higher price per square foot in relation to comparable properties. Contact us to learn about how we can take you and your business into the next dimension.  Is easier than you think, more affordable than it should be, and the results are better than you could imagine.