Get clicks on Your Listing (Without a Drone)

That is the name of the game right. Clicks -> Engagement -> Sale. So we recently did some advertising for Architech 3D Imaging and the process was very eye opening. The advertising platform created three advertisements with three different images. All the content was the same aside from the image. What we learned through the process is that one particular image outperformed the other ads by more than a factor of three. We actually disabled the other two ads based on the performance of this single advertisement. How effective was it? Well you clicked on this didn’t you? The very image that generated all the traffic was similar to the one you see here. A birds eye view of a typical Minneapolis bungalow from a perspective never before possible for marketing real estate.

Some similar results can be found from the use of drone photography but the only problem is that homes were never built to be beautiful from 50 feet up. There were built to be beautiful from the inside out (OK most of them were, we all have horror stories). A fish eye lens and and an asphalt shingle roof are not a match made in heaven no matter how many rotors we have on that drone. For the record we have two drones. Actually three if you count the one that flew from Edina to Wayzata. But nobody knows where that one is so we don’t count it.  We just have an extra controller now…  

So much of digital marketing is a numbers game these days, so focusing on the things that result in the most efficient outcomes is essential to success. With the vast majority of buyers shopping online before even contacting an agent, every click you can get counts. It only takes one click to close a deal or to lose one to the competition. Why else would we be flying these tiny helicopters around? Give yourself and your next listing the edge with our amazing product line and access to images like those you see here. Our packages start at as little as $249 with our introductory pricing and our gear wont end up on the neighbor’s roof. Its a simple process and we guarantee your virtual tour cannot do what our digital showings can for your business. Clicks -> Engagement -> Sale. At Architech 3D Imaging Its all we do. Click Learn More and you can see that we have engagement on lock down as well.