MLS Virtual Tour Integration

Hey everyone, I wanted to update you based on some questions we have received. Currently our models are fully supported in the Northstar MLS system via the virtual tour link and are fully compliant with NorthstarMLS rules and regulations. Clicking the virtual tour icon will take you directly into one of our immersive 3D models in the same way the current virtual tours do. One thing I would like to note is the important psychological difference between between our models and “virtual tours”. Virtual tours are primarily a slideshow with some camera effects. The viewer, or your potential buyer, is experiencing a passive interaction. They watch the slideshow and that’s kind of it. Maybe they click on a few of the photos. With our models the viewer, your potential buyer, is active. Navigating the model and essentially walking through the home as you would in real life. In fact we create our models along the natural traffic patterns to optimize for this. The viewer is able to look in any direction and view the floor plan in addition to the amazing birds eye cut out view. The experience is much more involved and crosses a psychological barrier where the viewer is actually experiencing themselves inside of your listing. This is very different and with far more impact than watching a slideshow. Don’t take our word for it though. Order a Architech 3D model for your next listing and experience the results for yourself.