Why 3D and VR Matter in Real Estate

Yesterday I was having lunch with some forward thinking brokers and agents who wanted to learn more about 3D scanning and where it was all headed. It was a great lunch and I went off as I tend to do when it comes to 3D and virtual reality in real estate. I was talking hardware software the cloud, mobile and where it was all headed. Tons of information and amazing things to talk about! But why does all this technological achievement matter to real estate professionals?

Its due to of the power of the content. Experiencing a listing that has been 3D scanned for viewing on the web or on mobile is a quantum leap in how we are able to convey the look and feel of a particular property. Experiencing the same content in true stereoscopic 3D as a virtual reality experience will make even the most skeptical a believer, and its not just abut the hardware or Virtual Reality. You feel as though you have actually been there and in many ways you have. Giving a prospective buyer or leasee the ability to really experience a home, commercial space or something that has yet to be built is incredibly powerful. No other form of media can do what you can achieve with this and there are even some advantages to the virtual reality experience over actually seeing the space in person. 

Minnesota is long been a home of Real Estate advancements and leadership. In fact Minnesota was home to the first multiple listing service in the nation. Clearly we are passionate about 3D and VR here at Architech 3D Imaging (and biased yes). We are so excited to be able to bring cutting edge technology and real estate experiences to Minnesota today and we can’t to see what will come in the very near future.